Thursday, December 1, 2011

Property, Product and Profit

Corporations, in their current form, cannot do the "right thing" because they (and we) erroneously believe Profit to be the goal of production while somehow misplacing Product itself as the real end.

This is caused by our choosing investors who expect to be paid Profit.

This can be solved by choosing investors who expect to be paid Product.

But the only investors able to accept Product as a return are the future Users of that Product.

So we must organize Users to co-buy and co-own the Sources of Production for the purpose of receiving at-cost use-value.

Corporations organized in this way will have no reason to work against we, the people, except when selling some of that Product to non-owners.

For that we must write a Terms-of-Operation as a form of self-regulation to impose the constraint "Profit is Payer Investment" so that all Users incrementaly gain ownership in the Sources of the Products they need.