Monday, January 30, 2012

Use-Value Production

Production can be for the Use-Value of that Product, but ONLY if the Consumers co-own the Sources and accept Product as their Return.

In Use-Value Production, the Product is never sold* because it is already the Property of the person who will Use it. You might say it is "pre-distributed".

In Use-Value Production, scarcity is not goal, and abundance is not dangerous. For example, if you co-own a diary for your own benefit, then it does you no harm when another corporation 'dumps' milk in the area because you, as a co-owner, are not attempting to SELL the milk.

Only Consumers can Invest for Use-Value Production because only Consumers can accept Product as a Return for that risk.

(*) During Surplus, the Product can be sold to non-owners, and we should even charge Profit against those latecomers, but must treat that overpayment as an Investment from that Payer - so that each Consumer slowly gains the co-ownership needed to discontinue purchasing that Product in the future.