Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A GNU Production Model

We need to change why we Invest and how we Share Revenue.

1.) Product is Investor's Return: This is an Investment strategy that
uses Product as the ROI, and so requires the Investors be the Users

2.) Profit is Payer Investment: This is a Revenue-Sharing strategy
that Invests some % of Profit for the User who paid it.

3.) Investments are Commitments of Sources and Skills: This is
a way to gather the Land and Capital needed (those committing
Sources would relinquish ownership to others in a group targeting
some specific Product) and also to insure the diverse work needed
would be accomplished without need to fight the "simultaneous
coincidence of wants" trouble with typical 'late' barter.

By committing Skills *before* production, we can trade Labor
between ourselves, and never need to trade oranges with apples,
since the co-owners of the Sources of those Products would
own their % of the Product *already*, even before they are
produced. I call this "Predictive Barter" - where we Swap Skills
early instead of attempting to Swap Products *late*.

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