Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Product Maximizing Corporations

It is possible to change the goals of corporations we fund and control by compensating the investors' risk with Product instead of with Profit.

Paying investors with Product is possible if those investors are actual Users of the Product, and invest (whether Capital or Work) only as much as they intend to use for themselves.

These corporations will be Product Maximizers, while Profit will no longer be goal, and in fact will not even be present except during the sale of Surplus.

During the sale of Surplus we should charge Profit against those latecomers (allow the market to set Price), but then treat that Price above Cost as an Investment from that Payer - so that all Users gain as much ownership in the Means of Production required to create the Products they use.

This is a very different way of organizing our production. Please consider it carefully.

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