Saturday, August 13, 2011

Titles, not Tokens

Perfect competition drives profit to zero.
Customer ownership is perfect competition.

When you finally own your house, profit is zero.

When you (co-)own a network, the price of access *IS* the cost of operation.

I wonder why we, as a species, do not apply this to all production.

I wonder how we were fooled out of being the owners of the land and
water and seeds and tools needed to supply ourselves with the raw
materials of food, drugs, cloth, soap, building materials, etc.

How could our city governments be so insanely ridiculous when it comes
to finance?

Why would a city ever go into debt when it is also collecting taxes?
What a bunch of nonsense.

All we really need to do is buy a couple hundred acres somewhere with
plenty of natural water and attract 1000 people to commit their
individual skills toward the work we will need to apply to the Sources
in order to make the Objects.

We won't need tokens because we will not buy the Olives and Milk and Honey, since we will already own them already because we own the Trees and Cattle and Bees.


  1. Keep talking! I noticed you're in Utah. I'm not one bit surprised to hear you talking the way you are...after all the Brigham City Co-op came within a whisker of being exactly what you suggest, perhaps one of the reasons that transplanted Utahans in Alberta gravitated toward Social Credit.

  2. I believe this article is about how people were "fooled" out of being the owners of the Sources.